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About MedBridge
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About MedBridge

MedBridge is a leading provider of online, video-based continuing education for clinicians and healthcare providers. MedBridge helps Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants to advance their skills, motivate clients, and improve client engagement in occupations through evidence-based educational courses. To date, there are more than 1,500 educational courses from a variety of subjects. There are also more than 7,000 instructional exercises and education videos for clinicians to provide to their patients. 

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High Quality Resources

MedBridge is a trusted resource with more than 1,500 organizations and more than 200,000 individuals learning from their high-quality content. 

All-in-one Platform

MedBridge offers a seamless system that is committed to addressing the needs of both healthcare providers and their patients. 

Customer Centric

 MedBridge creates impactful solutions while working with industry leaders and employing one of the largest production teams in the northwest. 

Advancing Your Career With MedBridge Professional Development

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Continuing Education

Why Continuing Education is Important?

Continuing education is important for healthcare professionals because it results in improved healthcare services and health outcomes for patients. Continuing education supports healthcare professionals to:

  • Stay current and relevant in areas of practice: By staying up to date on the latest information, you can be better equipped to support your patients

  • Refine skills to improve patient care: A healthcare professional who is committed to continuous improvement is committed to being their best.

  • Achieve a sense of personal and professional growth: The more you can learn, the better equipped you can be to help yourself and your patients


Key features of MedBridge Continuing Education

  • Courses are taught by industry-leading experts

  • Over 1,000 courses are accredited

  • Over 50 new courses are added each month

  • Questions can be directly asked to course instructors using the interactive video player

  • Courses are engaging with live patient demonstrations, 3D models, and case studies

  • Learning Assessments provide an opportunity to develop clinical reasoning skills 

  • Unlimited access to all courses with no extra fees

  • Cost-effective solution without the hassle of travelling

  • Learn on the go with the MedBridge mobile apps

  • Courses are designed with varying skill levels including entry-level, intermediate and advanced

  • The dashboard interface is easy to learn and user friendly

  • Better serve your patients and improve outcomes


Courses for Medical Settings


Assistive technology




Cognitive impairments


Vision loss




Chronic pain


Fall prevention & balance


Wheelchair positioning


Brain injury




Hip fracture


and Many More!

Live Webinars
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MedBridge Hosts Live Webinars

MedBridge hosts a variety of live webinars throughout the year. Webinars are created with the latest and most up-to-date industry knowledge and evidence-based practice. Accredited webinars count towards your continuing education requirements and support the development of your career. Live webinars enable participants to ask questions in real-time, support in-depth discussions and are the perfect opportunity to seek answers to your questions.

Check out the latest Live Webinars by clicking the link below. Webinars often provide quizzes to test your knowledge and surveys to provide feedback. Certificates are also provided so that you can earn credits for your continuing education requirements.

Exercise Program

MedBridge Home Exercise Program

The Home Exercise Program Builder is a simple yet powerful solution to effectively create exercise programs for your patients. The Builder utilizes drag and drop functions to customize exercises that appropriately fit your patient's abilities. Programs can be saved and modified at a later date if the patient's level of function changes. Research has shown that patients are more likely to adhere to home exercise programs that are easily accessible, engaging and customizable to fit their needs. By using the MedBridge Home Exercise Program Builder, healthcare professionals have access to over 7,000 HD video exercises suitable for patients with different needs. The home exercise program also allows patients to provide feedback on their activities so that clinicians can track and modify exercises as needed.

Key features of MedBridge Home Exercise Program


Library of over 7,000 exercises


Premade templates 


Mark favourite exercises


100 exercises added monthly


Multiple camera angles


EMR integration available


Exercise type filtering


Premade templates


Custom exercises uploader

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Patient Education
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Patient Education

Patient education is critical so that individuals have a better understanding and are more adequately prepared to manage their conditions. According to The American Journal of Medicine, patient education significantly improves compliance, which is associated with better clinical outcomes, decreased hospitalizations, higher quality of life, and decreased overall health costs. 

MedBridge offers hundreds of educational videos and handouts for various conditions related to occupational therapy. Examples of handouts include "Energy Conservation During Daily Tasks" and "Strategies for Improving Left Side Awareness", as pictured.

Key features of MedBridge Patient Education

  • Engage patients with animations and easy-to-read handouts

  • Present information for a range of health literacy levels

  • Various formats are available, including digital online, in-app, and paper prints

  • Patients can access education on the go using the MedBridge GO app.

  • Share information with patient families to help educate and support all members involved in the patient's care

  • Enhances patient understanding of their health needs

Home Exercise & Patient Education Success Stories

More Services

Additional Services and Resources Offered by MedBridge

Certification Prep Programs

Certification prep programs are designed to give clinicians the tools they need to pass the test, gain experience, and advance their careers.

MedBridge GO Mobile App

The patient mobile app to revolutionize home exercise rehabilitation and transform the patient experiences with easy-to-follow, achievable exercises.

MedBridge Certificates

Certificate Programs allow you to distinguish yourself, have confidence in your practice, and become a better clinician.

Telehealth Resources

Learn how to implement an effective telehealth solution in your organization; best practices, training and tips; and regulatory information.

Clinician Mobile App

Access continuing education courses anytime, anywhere. Learn on the go with the MedBridge app for your iOS or Android device.

COVID-19 Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit comprised of resources and products designed to help your organization maintain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Plans and Pricing

Annual Prices and Plans


Advance your career and improve patient outcomes





Deliver better care and improve the patient experience​




Scalable solutions to improve clinical and financial performance

Contact for Pricing

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MedBridge Awards and Recognition

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