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Occupational Therapy Assessments

The following table displays a large collection of occupational therapy assessments, along with a brief description of each assessment, the primary population for which it is used, the approximate cost to purchase the assessment, and the approximate time to complete the assessment. The assessments listed cover a range of domains, including physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning, and are used to evaluate individuals with various conditions, such as neurological disorders, developmental delays, chronic health conditions, and mental health issues.

Use the search function to locate specific information efficiently. It is important to use specific and relevant keywords.

It is important to note that the information provided in the table is approximate and may not be 100% accurate. The cost and time to complete an assessment can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the location, the specific version of the assessment, and any additional materials or training required. The primary population for which an assessment is used may also vary depending on the clinician's judgment and the individual's unique circumstances. Additionally, the information presented in the table may be subject to change over time as new versions of assessments are released or pricing structures are updated. Therefore, it is recommended to verify the accuracy of the information provided in the table before making any decisions or purchasing an assessment.

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